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ACI Cargo’s warehousing services provide you a safe and secure
environment in which to store your cargo while offering
customizable distribution and fulfillment services. Our
warehouse space worldwide is over half a million square feet,
and it strictly follows CTPAT and BASC protocols to assure you
that your cargo is handled in the safest way.

Additionally, we are committed to providing companies personalized and best-in-class warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment services while being affordable. Our team takes the time to learn your business needs to ensure that all your requirements are met and that you’re able to compete with the ever-increasing demands in today’s market. For our warehousing services, you can expect safe handling & distribution of goods, real-time inventory updates, efficient order fulfillment, and cost-effective services.

Warehouse Space Worldwide

500k+ Ft2

Why Should You Choose Our Warehousing
and Distribution Services?

Minimized Customs Duties

ACI Cargo’s warehouse in Miami has the necessary licenses, such as
container freight station (CFS), in-bond export consolidator (IBEC),
and bonded warehouse license, to help you store imported cargo
without paying customs duties for a specified amount of time. This
allows us to help you reduce costs in the meantime so you can
allocate these savings towards other critical business needs.

Additionally, in our 50+ years of experience, we have built
partnerships with warehouses in free trade zones around the world
to help you leverage the benefits of storing cargo in those locations.
Lastly, we also have the expertise and knowledge to help you
understand trade restrictions and minimize your customs taxes, if

Safe & Affordable Shipping

At ACI Cargo, we provide secure and cost-effective consolidation services that bundle small shipments from different shippers bound for a similar destination. This service offers you affordable freight forwarding rates as you pay only for the space that your cargo occupies. Also, our service handles your load in a safer way, as the shipment is consolidated in our facility with minimal handling and stoppages during mid-transit.

Moreover, we offer customer consolidation solutions that can combine loads from various locations across the United States for you. Once we have securely picked cargo from the locations, we consolidate and ship it to your desired destination. This is a more affordable way of shipping cargo as opposed to transporting it from separate points.

Timely & Secure Order Fulfillment

ACI Cargo’s warehouses are equipped with picking and loading systems that can automatically plan the most efficient picking and loading strategy according to the type of inventory. Our picking systems produce error-free order lists and intelligent picking routes that let us perform the picking process in a fast and accurate way.

Additionally, utilizing loading systems lets us properly place and arrange your cargo in trucks to help minimize the chance of damage during transportation. This system also produces a loading plan that maximizes the space in shipping containers without compromising the safety of each shipment.

Cargo Handled By Dedicated Warehouse Experts

ACI Cargo ensures that your stored cargo is carefully and safely handled from receiving to shipping. This is because we have a team of dedicated warehousing professionals who are trained in-house on how to safely handle various types of cargo in different processes of the warehouse.

Additionally, we source our own equipment, and we only work with third-party contractors who are certified and meet our standards. This is to guarantee that the safety of your cargo is maintained.

Better Visibility with Updated Inventory Status

ACI Cargo provides real-time inventory updates that can help you gain better visibility across your stored cargo. This improved visibility can help you make faster and better-informed business decisions so that you can adapt to certain market changes quickly.

In addition to the prior benefits, real-time inventory updates help you take action to avoid stockouts and excess inventory faster as you have access to up-to-date data about your cargo. This can result in more sales since you can replenish on time and reduce holding costs from slow-moving cargo.

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ACI Cargo is committed to providing companies with best-in-class and personalized logistics services.
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As one of the leading full-service logistics service providers, ACI Cargo serves multiple industries with
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