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At ACI Cargo, we offer prompt and reliable transportation solutions to move your cargo from origin to destination both domestically and across the globe. We provide various modes of freight transport such as air, ocean, inland, ground, rail, and barge under permits such as IATA, CNS, FMC, NVOCC, and US

Additionally, in our 50+ years of experience transporting various types of cargo, we have built the expertise to provide effective transportation solutions across multiple industries. Our strategically located offices help us move your cargo seamlessly across the world, while our expert staff ensures that you receive personalized, reliable, and cost-effective transportation

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Transportation Solutions?

Affordable & Safe Transportation

ACI Cargo provides cost-effective and secure consolidation services that
bundle small shipments from different shippers moving towards a similar
destination. This solution offers you reduced transportation rates as you
pay only for the space that your load occupies. Also, our service handles
your cargo in a safer way as the shipments are consolidated in our
facility with minimal handling and stoppages mid-transit.

Additionally, we offer customer consolidation solutions that can
combine shipments from various locations across the United States for
you. Once we have securely picked cargo from the locations, we
consolidate it into one consignment and ship it to your desired
destination. This is a more affordable way of shipping cargo as opposed
to transporting it from separate points.

Access to More Locations with Multiple Transportation Modes

At ACI Cargo, we provide multimodal services that can transport goods from origin to destination by utilizing multiple shipping modes, such as truck, rail, ocean, and air. Since we combine different transportation options, our multimodal services can move your shipments to locations that are not easily accessible through one mode of transport.

Additionally, because our multimodal solutions use the railway as one of the modes, we are able to reduce transportation costs, and that can then translate to cost savings for you. Moreover, this solution ensures easier communication and efficient tracking of cargo, as you have one point of contact for all the shipping updates.

All-In-One Shipping From Origin to Destination

We at ACI Cargo provide reliable and fast door-to-door transportation solutions that ensure the secure and timely delivery of your cargo. We take care of all the aspects involved in transporting your shipments, such as pick up, freight handling, customs clearance, and delivery so that you can focus on your other critical business needs.

Additionally, we offer DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) and DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) so that you can have the flexibility to pay customs taxes as per your preference. In the case of DDU, the duties are to be paid by the buyer upon arrival of cargo at the agreed destination whereas with DDP, the applicable taxes are collected beforehand to ensure faster shipping of goods to customers after the delivery.

Secure Transportation of Over-Dimensional Cargo

At ACI Cargo, you can rely on us to transport your over-dimensional, heavyweight, and complex cargo in a secure, timely, and cost-efficient manner. We are able to provide these solutions as we have the necessary equipment, such as flatbeds, lowboys and extendable trucks, and the expertise built over our 50+ years of transporting over-sized and complex cargo across the globe.

Additionally, our team of experts makes sure that all the permissions required to move such cargo are managed effectively to ensure that your shipments are delivered safely and without any delays. In addition, we offer multiple modes of transport for over-sized and complex cargo so that your load is successfully shipped to harder accessible locations.

Hassle-Free Transportation Across North American Borders

At ACI Cargo, we provide secure, fast, and worry-free cross border services to ship your cargo across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. To execute these services successfully, we have partnered with proven national, regional, and local carriers who can deliver your cargo from the point of origin to its destination in a timely and safe manner.

Additionally, once we have sourced the right carrier for your cargo, our expert personnel facilitates all the necessary cross border requirements in order to ensure the smooth delivery of your shipments. Lastly, we help you leverage the benefits of free trade agreements between countries so that customs taxes can be minimized.

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