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At ACI Cargo, we offer prompt and personalized customs brokerage to facilitate the hassle-free transportation of your cargo across international borders. Our dedicated customs brokers carefully study free trade agreements and harmonized system codes to help you leverage the benefits of these regulations so that the duties to be paid can be minimized.

Additionally, in our 50+ years of logistics experience, we have built the expertise to ensure that all official customs clearance procedures are followed. But, in case complications arise, we are capable of overcoming them to ensure that your shipments seamlessly go through the customs clearance process.

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Why Should You Choose Our
Customs Brokerage Services?

Customs Processes Handled
By Specialists

We at ACI Cargo provide you with a team of expert and certified
customs brokerage professionals who ensure that your cargo smoothly
gets through customs barriers and that minimal duties are charged. Our
dedicated customs brokers are proficient in numerous trade regulations
and make sure that your cargo complies with the necessary customs
protocols so that your customers receive the goods in the fastest

In addition to the benefits described above, our personnel has acquired
the necessary customs broker licenses that are required to facilitate the
seamless clearance of shipments. As a result, you can expect reliable,
timely, and high-quality customs brokerage services with ACI Cargo.

Almost Five Decades Of Providing Customs Brokerage Services

At ACI Cargo, we have spent over 50 years refining our processes and knowledge to provide you with expert customs brokerage solutions. In these years, we have encountered numerous challenges, which have prepared us to effectively handle your imports and exports and ensure any problems are resolved on time.

Additionally, in our five decades of experience, we have built associations with both domestic and international organizations, some of which include the CTPAT, BASC, FITAC, FCBF in the USA, and national customs broker associations across the world. These partnerships allow us to provide you with the best and most modern logistics services.

Minimized Cost and Duties

ACI Cargo has the necessary licenses, such as container freight station (CFS), in-bond export consolidator (IBEC), and bonded warehouse license, to store your imported cargo without your having to pay customs duties for a specified amount of time. This allows us to help you minimize costs in the meantime so you can allocate these savings towards other critical business needs.

In addition, we have built partnerships with warehouses in free trade zones around the world to help you maximize the benefits of storing cargo in those locations. Lastly, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you understand trade restrictions and minimize your customs taxes, if applicable.

Constant Access To Real-Time Data

ACI Cargo provides you an online platform where you can track customs activities related to your shipments. Moreover, our customs brokerage professionals enter and update all the information related to your cargo so that you have constant access to real-time data.

Through our web-based platform, we can help you be aware of the possible areas of risks for your cargo and offer you better visibility into the customs clearance process. This, in turn, enables you to make prompt and better-informed business decisions.

Hassle-Free Logistics From
Origin To Destination

We at ACI Cargo take care of all your logistics needs from pick up to delivery, which include customs clearance, warehousing, and freight forwarding. Our dedicated in-house personnel effectively handle your cargo, ensure that all processes are followed, and resolve any potential problems in the fastest manner.

Additionally, because we provide one point of contact for all your shipping updates, our all-in-one logistics services help you save time and focus on other crucial business needs.

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