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Procurement Services

We at ACI Cargo provide reliable procurement and supply chain
management services to help you acquire the best and most
suitable resources for your logistics needs. As an expert
procurement service provider, we take care of all the aspects
involved in your sourcing requirements so that you can focus
your time and budget on other critical business needs.

Additionally, at ACI Cargo, we have spent almost 50 years
building and refining our knowledge and processes to provide
you with expert procurement solutions. We have also assembled
a team of professional procurement specialists who are
dedicated to helping you improve your supply chain efficiency
and exceed customer expectations.

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Why Choose Our
Procurement Logistics Services?

Reduced Logistics Costs and
Increased Savings

Our team at ACI Cargo helps you reduce logistics costs by providing
efficient procurement and supply chain management services that not
only help you achieve your business goals but also ensure increased
savings. After reviewing your requirements, we develop optimal
sourcing strategies, aggregate the best suppliers, consolidate order
quantities, and ensure cost accuracy throughout the process.

In addition to the benefits above, our long-standing associations with
various suppliers and access to the best and most modern logistics
resources allow us to source materials & services in the most efficient
manner, which, in turn, helps you increase your savings.

Minimized Indirect Expenses and Enhanced Procurement Capacity

With ACI Cargo’s procurement and supply chain management service, we can help you reduce overhead costs by taking care of all your sourcing requirements. Our service is performed by our experienced procurement professionals who ensure that all the necessary resources are acquired at the best possible rates.

Additionally, in our 50+ years of industry experience, we have built the expertise to ensure that all your procurement needs are seamlessly managed. But, in case complications arise, we are fully capable of overcoming them to make sure that your supply chain receives the resources it needs in the timeframe you require.

Expertise to Make Your Supply Chain More Efficient

ACI Cargo can provide you access to the latest logistics technologies, facilities, and equipment to help you streamline your supply chain processes. Because of our vast experience, we have built partnerships with various logistical service providers to procure the most effective and modern resources to improve the efficiency of your supply chain.

In addition to the benefits above, our procurement specialists help you learn and implement the best logistics practices and procedures to minimize supply chain complexities, resulting in the fastest possible delivery of goods.

Secure and Timely Procurement Across the World

ACI Trading LLC, an affiliated company of ACI Cargo, supplies various types of goods and commodities to multiple sectors across the world. This is executed through our extensive network of manufacturers and suppliers and our team of expert procurement specialists, who can ensure the timely procurement of all the necessary resources for your logistics needs.

Additionally, ACI Energy Supplies, a DBA of ACI Cargo, specializes in procuring parts and engineering maintenance services for thermoelectrical power plants and other industries in South America. We are able to successfully source these resources because of our long-term associations with major manufacturers across the US, Europe, and China.

Expert Handling of All Your Logistics Needs

We at ACI Cargo take care of all your logistics needs, which include procurement, customs clearance, warehousing, and freight forwarding. Our dedicated in-house personnel effectively handle your cargo, ensure that all processes are followed, and resolve all potential problems in the fastest manner.

Additionally, because we provide one point of contact for all your shipping updates, our all-in-one logistics services help you save time and lets you focus on other crucial business needs.

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ACI Cargo is committed to providing its clients with top-notch personalized procurement solutions. This has led to the
completion of several successful projects globally. Here are some of them.

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Serving Personalized Logistics Solutions to These Industries

As one of the leading full-service logistics service providers, ACI Cargo serves multiple industries
with its personalized logistics solutions. Here are some of them.

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